Importance of communication in IT Industry

 Importance of communication in IT Industry

Being an introvert myself I know that communication is not one of my strong areas, without communication people around you are not going to notice you no matter how good you are technically or how good your business ideas are, you need to articulate your thoughts in a well refined and acceptable way, here we will explore why communication is important to unlock opportunities in IT industry.

1. Communication builds clarity:

When working in a project, there is chaos and confusion all around us, people around us have a lot of assumptions and bring in their own ideas, so in order to build clarity we have to be a good listener in order to communicate our ideas and build view points on others, it doesn’t have to be right always to build clarity , but it really helps you to move forward  in the right direction.

2. Communication as a tool:

Have you wondered …? why there are so many tools to facilitate communication like whatsapp , facebook , Microsoft teams ..? they all have one thing in common to help you effectively communicate with society , peers , colleagues .. etc. All living things on this planet have different ways to communicate. in nature, like sound based, touch based , As a human being we have evolved in the way we communicate from speech to signal to touch. This is as important as survival itself.

3. Communication builds trust and teamwork:

In a professional scenario, well articulation of ideas, politeness and respect goes a long way in motivating and building a team without conflicts. From generic salutation like “good morning” to a “positive compliment” goes a long way in your professional journey, as people always respond to these small gestures. It also helps you to build a presentable image among your peers.

4. Communication Builds Confidence:

Effective communication helps prevent misunderstanding and brings people on the same page. Once we learn the art of good communication, we learn to express ourselves more freely and assertively. This also helps us to better understand others and build strong personal and professional relationships.