Best places for one day trip from Bengaluru

 Best places for one day trip from Bengaluru

Apart from the cool climate, Bengaluru is blessed with beautiful and inspirational places around it, which makes it an ideal place to visit.

Nandi hills 

Nandi Durga is one of the Nava Durga that is one of the nine hills which was identified by Tipu Sultan to protect Mysore state. If you ask any Bengalureans about Nandi hills it will mostly be on the top of their list. The hills are famous for their cool and misty views, try to reach by 6 AM to feel the cool morning breeze.

Photo of Nandi Hills - Sunrise above the clouds by UnderMyPinkUmbrella

On top of the hill you can find a lot of restaurants ,Tipu Drop, Viewpoints etc

There is lot of ways to reach Nandi hills 

  1. Car : This is the easiest and fastest way to reach the hill top 
  2. KSRTC: This is the cheapest way to travel, but please make sure to stick to bus timings . Buses are available from Majestic bus terminus.
  3. Railway:  This would be a last priority I would say since trains don’t run every day, the timings are erratic, from here you will need to take an auto to reach the hill.  

Bonus Tip:

To beat the traffic on top of the hill and to completely enjoy nature I would suggest taking the lesser-known trekking route, in this route you will be able to see Tipu Sultan summer residence.


This is the birthplace of Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya and nearby Nandi hills, his house has been converted to a museum. For an engineer it’s truly inspirational to see the humble beginnings of one of the greatest engineers who ever lived.

Sir M V's house which is now converted as a museum.

Isha Foundation

Once done with Nandi hills head to the newly built Isha foundation to usher in the spirituality of Shiva, the light show which starts at 7.30 PM is much loved and highly popular, I would suggest to reach a bit early as the demand is very high and you may get stuck in traffic. 

Bannerghatta zoo

This is one of the best sightseeing places in Bangalore if you are a wildlife enthusiast. It hosts one of the best diversities of animals from sloth bears to tigers. BMTC buses are available to reach this place.


This place has a lot to offer from folk art to trek to Bollywood. Although KSRTC buses are available to reach Ramanagar, it’s better to book a CAB or have your own vehicle to visit the following places. 

The folk art

Janapada Loka offers a unique look inside Karnataka ‘s village folk art.

Kamat Hotel:

The North Karnataka cuisine is quite famous to try out. 

 Sholay hills (Ramadevara Betta):

This is the place where the famous movie “Sholay” was shot, the hills offer a very good trekking spot.


Bonus Tip:

A rare sight of vultures is observed here, So keep your eyes open while exploring the hill.

SRS Hill/betta

Sri Revana Siddeshwara(SRS) hill is also situated in Ramanagara district which offers a very good trekking experience. 

Srs Hills Overview

Big Banyan tree:

This is situated in the village “Ramohalli” which is  about 25 kms from Ramanagara . It’s a must visit as it is  one of Asia’s largest banyan tree

Bonus Tip

Bidadi Thatte Idli is a must have on the way to Ramanagara.


The erstwhile capital of Mysore state “Mysore” needs no introduction, after the introduction of “Vande Bharat ”and opening of the expressway, Mysore is well connected with Bangalore . The distance is usually covered within 2 hours

Some of the must visit places (since these are the most important tourist destinations buses are available in plenty) are 

Mysore zoo

For wildlife enthusiasts this is a must visit place.


Chamundi hills :

Here one can see a beautiful view of Mysore city and visit the temple.

Mysore Palace

This is where the famous Dasara festival is held every year. To see the splendid lightings in the palace one has to visit during the evening time

KRS dam

This is one of the oldest and biggest dams in India built by Sir M Visvesvaraya, the light show in Brindavan gardens is one of the main attraction


Bonus tip

Try the famous Mylari dosa in Mysore


Bahubali or the Lord Gomateshwara stands in this place and this place has a rich tradition of Jainism . This place is well connected by KSRTC and Train.


Honorable mentions

Art of living 

This place offers a very spiritual journey from meditation to yoga to ayurveda, it’s a blend of culture and modernism 


Bonus tip

If you enjoy meditation, you would also like to visit pyramid valley where a unique pyramid meditation hall is built.



Last but not the least, how can we forget one of the biggest amusement parks that is Wonderla in Bangalore. I dare you to finish all the rides in 1 day.

Wonderla Bengaluru introduces Sky Tilt


Use BMTC or Student ID card to avail special discounts. 

Word of advice and caution

  1. Booking a cab or renting a bike would be an easier and fun way of exploring.
  2. If planning to use public transport, please visit BMTC and KSRTC website to plan your trip correctly.
  3. Since the weather in Bangalore is quite hot during this season avoid going out in the afternoon and carry your own water bottle