The Journey from Prominent Salesforce Employees to Successful Entrepreneurs

 The Journey from Prominent Salesforce Employees to Successful Entrepreneurs

The Indian tech scene is booming, and Salesforce is a driving force! But have you ever stopped to wonder who makes the magic happen behind the scenes? 

Today, we’re shining light on some of the brightest minds in the game – the top Salesforce entrepreneurs revolutionizing CRM in India!

Prepare to be inspired by the incredible creativity and dedication of these Indian Salesforce trailblazers. They’re pushing the boundaries and transforming how businesses connect with their customers. 

Gaurav Kheterpal (Vanshiv Technologies) 

Gaurav Kheterpal is a standout in the world of Salesforce. Since 2016, he’s proudly held the title of Salesforce MVP and is known for his dedication as a Trailblazer. 

With over 22 years of experience, Gaurav is a seasoned expert, holding an impressive collection of 45 Salesforce Certifications and certifications from Google and AWS.

What makes him special is how much he’s respected in the Salesforce community. 

He’s been honoured with the Salesforce MVP award seven times and even made it into the Hall of Fame in 2023. He’s also been called a Trailblazer Success Story and a Salesforce Developer Success Story, which shows how much he’s accomplished.

He’s spoken at several events worldwide, from Dreamforce to India Dreamin’. With his passion, he’s made a big impact in the Salesforce world and continues to do so every day.

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Ashish Agarwal (

Meet Ashish Agarwal, an experienced architect, teacher, and writer who switched to Salesforce after working with Oracle.

After spending ten years learning about Oracle databases and ERPs, Ashish decided to explore Salesforce. He’s earned 34 certifications and over 1200 badges on Trailhead, Salesforce’s learning platform.

Ashish shares his knowledge through his blog at and his Academy on Salesforce ( He makes Salesforce easy to understand with over 150 step-by-step guides offering courses like “Mastering Salesforce Flows” and “Mastering Salesforce APIs.”

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Om Prakash (AppyCrown Private Limited)

He is a talented developer and architect with deep expertise in Salesforce. He’s not just passionate about the platform – he’s proven his skills by earning prestigious titles like Salesforce MVP and is a certified Salesforce Application Architect, Developer, and Advanced Admin.

He’s a true creator, having built over 30+ managed packages for Salesforce from the ground up! He’s also an expert at managing the entire application lifecycle, especially within platforms like the Salesforce AppExchange.

Here’s the best part: Om Prakash loves sharing his knowledge. Whether it’s through training sessions or speaking engagements, he’s passionate about giving back to the Salesforce community.

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Shrey Sharma (Cyntexa and S2 Labs)

Shrey Sharma is a vibrant force in the business world known for his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for education and creative pursuits.

Leading the charge at Cyntexa, Shrey has spearheaded the company’s remarkable growth from a small team to over 300 employees in less than four years which was achieved without any external funding. 

Based in Jaipur, Cyntexa has been instrumental in revolutionizing digital transformation for clients worldwide, boasting an impressive annual growth rate of 125%.

Shrey’s journey began at the young age of 19 when he discovered his love for teaching. In 2016, he founded S2 Labs, becoming the pioneer of Salesforce training in Rajasthan. Today, S2 Labs is a global hub for Salesforce enthusiasts having trained and certified over 50,000 professionals.

Known affectionately as the “Salesforce Hulk” within the community, Shrey’s YouTube channel has become a thriving platform for Salesforce enthusiasts boasting over 110,000 subscribers and more than 11 million unique views.

In 2019, Shrey was honoured as the Youngest Salesforce MVP in the world, recognizing his significant contributions to the community at a remarkably young age.

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Abhinav Gupta (

Back in 2011, something special happened – Abhinav Gupta became the first person from India to snag the prestigious Salesforce MVP (Most Valuable Professional) title. It was a big deal and just the start of his journey to becoming a big name in the Salesforce world.

Since then, Abhinav has been rocking it, earning the MVP title for eight years straight! He’s all about giving back to the Salesforce community and even got to be a judge in the final round of the $1 Million hackathon at Dreamforce in 2014 – how cool is that?

Abhinav’s always hungry to learn, racking up five Salesforce certifications and diving into Web3 technologies like Blockchain. He’s now an expert in stuff like NFTs and Smart Contracts – impressive, right?

He co-authored a Salesforce book back in 2013 and wrote the internationally selling book “ Tips & Tricks.” Plus, he’s the brains behind, a top-notch consulting firm and partner with Salesforce.

With Abhinav, it’s not just about business – he’s on a mission to help others succeed too. He’s led his team to create over 30 applications listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, and he’s always sharing his knowledge through blogging and open-source projects. 

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Ankit Arora (Briskminds Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Ankit brings over 17 years of expertise to the table, specializing in crafting innovative solutions on the Salesforce platform. His primary aim is ensuring customer success.

 As a trusted ally of Salesforce, he works closely with businesses to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs. Ankit’s impressive portfolio boasts over 85 custom apps for clients, earning him the esteemed title of Salesforce MVP for his outstanding skills and dedication.

With a focus on domains like e-commerce, healthcare, and finance, Ankit is well-versed in a variety of Salesforce tools, including Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. 

But Ankit’s impact extends beyond his technical know-how. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge, regularly writing blogs, speaking at events, and mentoring others in the Salesforce community. As the leader of a Salesforce developer group in Jaipur, he’s dedicated to fostering growth and learning among his peers.

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Atul Gupta (CloudVandana Solutions)

Atul Gupta is the brain behind CloudVandana Solutions. He’s not just the founder – he’s also a Salesforce expert and consultant. 

Atul knows his stuff when it comes to Salesforce and other tech like ReactJS, NodeJS, and more. He’s been doing this for over 10 years and has worked on lots of different Salesforce projects.

At CloudVandana, they’re all about giving you the right developer for your needs. They have a team of experienced experts who handpick the best developers for you.

Atul doesn’t just run CloudVandana; he’s also busy as the main architect, figuring out the best solutions for clients. He’s even written a training course on Salesforce certification!

Before starting CloudVandana, Atul worked at Accenture for four years, where he gained valuable experience in Salesforce. Now, he’s on a mission to revolutionize how businesses approach development staffing, one project at a time.

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Shivanath Devinarayanan (Dazeworks Inc)

Shivanath’s story started in 2010, and it’s full of cool achievements! By 2014, he earned the “Salesforce MVP” title for being a super expert who helps others in the Salesforce world.

In 2015, Shivanath decided to start his own company to help businesses everywhere with Salesforce. His passion lies in writing code. He’s also an expert at many Salesforce tools, like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

He also loves building communities. He started groups for Salesforce users in different cities and co-founded a famous conference called India Dreamin’ to help people learn and work together.

Today, Shivanath is the leader of a big team of over 120 developers at Dazeworks. They help businesses be awesome with Salesforce by giving advice, building apps, and even moving them to the platform. Their great work got noticed by another company called iLink Digital, which bought Dazeworks in 2021! This shows how amazing they are!

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Amit Choudhary (saasguru)

Introducing Amit, a multi-talented tech expert who wears many hats. He’s an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor all at once. Currently, he’s at the helm of Saasguru – an online platform that assists people in preparing for exams on the top 10 rapidly growing software services. 

Amit also puts his money into new education tech startups through his fund called Growth DNA. Some of his investments include and

Before Saasguru, Amit co-founded a company called SaaSfocus back in 2014. They worked closely with  Salesforce and soon became one of their top partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The company was so successful that Cognizant bought them out in 2018.

Amit’s career spans over 20 years, during which he’s worked in lots of different places, selling technology solutions. He’s a pro at leading big changes in how companies use digital tech and sorting out tricky deals.

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Jordan Nelson (Simple Salesforce)

Jordan Nelson is a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Simple Salesforce. Jordan helps big companies make the most out of Salesforce.

He’s also a friendly guide for people who want to learn about Salesforce. You can find him on social media, newsletters, and messages, giving helpful tips and advice to those who want to get better at using Salesforce.

Jordan also sends out a special newsletter to over 6,000 subscribers who are interested in growing their careers with Salesforce. It’s like getting insider tips to help you succeed in your job.

Jordan is a popular influencer with over 87,000 followers who love what he shares about Salesforce. He’s a friendly expert who’s always there to answer questions and share his knowledge.

Overall, Jordan is not only a skilled consultant but also a helpful mentor and a trusted source of knowledge within the Salesforce community.

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