About Testsigma

10X faster, low-code test automation, built for Salesforce

Testsigma is an AI-driven, low-code test automation platform that enables Salesforce teams and QA teams to create, manage, and execute automated tests 10X faster.

Testsigma is powered by GenAI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) that lets anyone automate test cases via AI-generated test cases or using plain English. Tests written using Testsigma adapt to changes within the Salesforce environment because it relies on Salesforce metadata and APIs. This coupled with Testsigma’s AI-powered self-healing make your automated tests unbreakable.

Testsigma is used by customers like Cisco, Samsung, Oscar Health, Bosch among others. Please check out our Lightning-fast salesforce test automation in action.

Visit Us: https://testsigma.com/automated-salesforce-testing


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