Kannan Narayanan

Salesforce MVP & Unit Technology Officer ( CTO of Salesforce Practice), Infosys

Kannan brings a wealth of experience, boasting over 11 years of invaluable contributions to the Salesforce community. As a Salesforce MVP and a seasoned Practitioner, he is not just a leader but a true trailblazer with over 50 Salesforce credentials under his belt.

From providing top-notch advisory architectural services to spearheading solution delivery excellence, Kannan has spearheaded the end-to-end journey of five AppExchange listings, from conceptualization to fully-fledged solutions.

But Kannan's impact extends far beyond the boardroom. As a dedicated volunteer at the NASSCOM Industry Mentoring Program and a Trailblazer Community Leader, he's shaping the next generation of tech enthusiasts and architects.

Within his current role, Kannan heads the CoE - Architecture practice and Technology Consulting Group, where he's led the delivery of over 300 tools, accelerators, and reusable assets for the Salesforce practice. His commitment to nurturing talent is unmatched, having mentored and enabled practitioners with countless certifications and accreditations.