Everything to know about Bengaluru Dreamin

 Everything to know about Bengaluru Dreamin

Bengaluru, the city famous for its weather is also known for its tech inclination. The city is known as the Silicon Valley of India and wouldn’t it be better to get to a place where you explore the wind of Salesforce, enjoy Bengaluru’s weather and network with similar technical minds? This sounds like a dream and Bengaluru Dreamin 2024 is that dream come true.

Bengaluru Dreamin’24 isn’t just a Salesforce community event rather it’s a convention with a carnival kind of vibe for all our trailblazers to sweep them off their feet while they network and learn with renowned speakers.

Whether you are a seasoned Salesforce professional or a new trailblazer who stepped into the world of Salesforce; come in and join us in this carnival of learning, networking and fun.

Bengaluru Dreamin’ 24: A commitment to sustainability and learning

Bengaluru Dreamin’24 isn’t just about learning and innovation; we have committed to walking towards Salesforce innovation along with keeping sustainability and inclusivity as our partner of growth.

Moving in the path of “Go Green” and “Net Zero” principles Bengaluru Dreamin’24 is conducting a 5k walkathon and Tree Plantation drive to involve the idea in everyone’s life through actions.

Industry Leader Gathering

This year’s Bengaluru Dreamin panel consists of industry leaders, visionary executives and renowned professionals who will be diving into the latest trends, and technology advancements and share their professional as well as learning experiences to enlighten trailblazers with their knowledge and experience. With Individuals like Nalini Krishnan(Head – Sourcing, Competency & Governance – Salesforce Practice, TCS), Kannan Narayanan

(Salesforce MVP & CTO of Salesforce Practice Infosys) over the event advisory board, it is obvious that the panel discussions won’t be just discussions rather than technology masterclasses which one can never imagine miss

Workshops, challenges and opportunities to work

Bengaluru Dreamin’24 housed a huge hackathon which helped college students brainstorm ideas using technologies and their skills to trace out blueprint solutions for problem statements presented to them by organizations.

Housing initiatives like J2S the team at Bengaluru Dreamin believes in the importance of learning which is why they have launched a Salesforce Bootcamp to assist experienced technical and non-technical professionals to transform their careers. For more details visit the website (https://bengalurudreamin.com/salesforce-bootcamp/)

Network to the limits of the sky

Bengaluru Dreamin’24 is for everyone related to the Salesforce ecosystem so it is obvious to see and acknowledge individuals from every sphere with whom one can connect, interact and get inspired for success. Build relationships and partnerships which can help shape your professional steps with our dedicated networking sessions and ice-breaking events.

Get a sneak peek at exclusive content

Bengaluru Dreamin’24 is spread well around all social media platforms so don’t miss to follow over LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram channel and Twitter (X) to be updated about events and sessions to be happening under Bengaluru Dreamin’24. Do check over the channels every Thursday to participate in the Thursday Trivia challenge and win exciting swags and vouchers

Registrations are opening soon!

It is obvious by now anyone would be excited to join the carnival of learning, networking and fun. Join the Telegram channel by early signing in here (https://bengalurudreamin.com/) and be ready to jump on the train as soon as we announce registrations.

Join us along with hundreds of other trailblazers to learn, play and dream big building a path to a great future.